Graduate Course List

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  • ISHR 2017-2018 Graduate Courses
  •     HRTS GU4215 NGOs & the Human Rights Movement
  •     HRTS GU4230 Refugees, Forced Migration, and Displacement
  •     HRTS GU4270 Social Media and Human Rights
  •     HRTS GR4300 Economic and Social Rights: Policy and Practice
  •     HRTS GU4500 Socio-Economic Rights: Selected Issues
  •     HRTS GU4600 Human Rights in the Anthropocene
  •     HRTS GU4650 Children's Rights Advocacy
  •     HRTS GU4810 Religion and Human Rights
  •     HRTS GU4900 UN Human Rights Bodies: Impact, Reform, Advocacy
  •     HRTS GU4915 Human Rights & Urban Public Space
  •     HRTS GU4930 International Humanitarian Law and Human Rights
  •     HRTS ​GU4950 Human Rights and Human Wrongs
  •     HRTS GR5404 Human Rights of Women
  •     HRTS GR6020 Introduction to Human Rights
  •     HRTS GR6800 International Human Rights Law
  •     HRTS GR6990 Human Rights Graduate Research Seminar

As part of Graduate School of Arts and Sciences (GSAS), our students take courses in a range of departments, including Political Science, Religion, Anthropology, Women’s Studies, and Sociology. Students can also take human rights related courses offered by other schools at Columbia.

Each semester, the program publishes a list of courses of potential interest to graduate students. We try to keep this information as up-to-date as possible, but students should also consult the Directory of Classes, departments offering the course, and school bulletins for additional course information when planning their course schedules.

This course list is subject to change upon receipt of additional course information. If you would like to suggest an addition or modification to this list, please email relevant course information and syllabi to Courses that are not on the pre-approved list may also fulfill degree requirements if the student can demonstrate that he or she can complete substantial coursework specifically focusing on human rights in that course.

Before each semester’s registration period, students should confer with the program to verify that courses of interest fulfill degree requirements. Students should submit courses under consideration via the online Course Advising Form.

Approval of a class for the degree does not guarantee enrollment in that course. Students are responsible for following all registration and cross-registration procedures. Consult the Directory of Classes and individual departments/instructors regarding any permission/application/prerequisites needed for a course.

Types of Courses

Pre-Approved Courses

Pre-Approved Courses automatically count towards the degree as an elective human rights course. They fulfill the concentration requirement of the degree, depending on the student’s selected concentration.

Additional courses

These courses are additional courses of potential interest to human rights students. Courses on this list, as well as others listed on the Directory of Classes, may fulfill degree requirements if the student can demonstrate that he or she can complete substantial coursework specifically focusing on human rights. Students who would like to count one of these courses towards the degree should consult with the program.


Dept Course # Format Title Instructor(s) Credits
WMST G4000 SEM Genealogies of Feminism: Bodies Carnalities Tadiar, Neferti 4.0
WMST G6506 SEM Gender Justice Franke, Katherine 4.0
HRTS GR5555 SEM Human Rights & Oral History: Testimony, Memory, and Trauma West, Zoe 4.0
HRTS GR6800 SEM International Human Rights Law Cooper, Belinda 3.0
HRTS GR6990 SEM Human Rights Research Seminar Braun, Rainer 3.0
HIST GR8924 COL Resistance and the Black Atlantic Lightfoot, Natasha 4.0
HRTS GR9040 - Internship Nettelfield, Lara 1.0
WMST GU4000 SEM Genealogies of Feminism: Gender, Culture, Rights Abu-Lughod, Lila 4.0
HRTS GU4270 SEM Social Media and Human Rights Perlmutter, Ted 3.0
MDES GU4357 LEC War, Genocide, and Their Aftermath: Comp. Perspectives Mouradian, Khatchig 3.0
HRTS GU4400 SEM Sexual Orientation, Gender Identity and Human Rights Reid, Graeme 3.0
ECON GU4480 LEC Gender and Applied Economics Edlund, Lena 3.0
CSER GU4482 LEC Indigenous Peoples' Rights: From Local Identities to the Global Indigenous Movement Stamatopoulou, Elsa 3.0
HRTS GU4500 SEM Socio-Economic Rights: Selected Issues Winkler, Inga 3.0
HRTS GU4600 SEM Human Rights in the Anthropocene Chasin, Noah 3.0
HRTS GU4810 SEM Religion and Human Rights Chuman, Joseph 3.0
HRTS GU4880 SEM Human Rights in the United States Nettelfield, Lara 3.0
HRTS GU4910 SEM Children's Rights, Armed Conflict & Peacebuilding Holland, Tracey 3.0
HRTS GU4930 SEM Int'l Humanitarian Law and Human Rights Cronin, Bruce 4.0
HRTS GU6990 SEM Human Rights Research Seminar Nettelfield, Lara 3.0
LAW L6276 LEC Human Rights Cleveland, Sarah 3.0
LAW L6357 LEC Public Health Law Goldman, Janlori 2.0
LAW L6459 LEC The Law of Genocide Rosensaft 2.0
LAW L6473 LEC Labor Law Barenberg, Mark 4.0
LAW L6511 LEC Education Equality: Role of Law Heubert, Jay 2.0
LAW L8006 SEM Domestic Violence and the Law Leidholdt, Dorchin 2.0
LAW L8044 SEM Human Rights at Home: Domestic Human Rights Advocacy Kaufman, Risa 1.5
LAW L8280 SEM Global Refugee Regimes Naujoks, Daniel 2.0
LAW L8288 SEM Socio-Economic Rights Ahmed, Kayum 2.0
LAW L8291 SEM Advanced Human Rights Practicum Cleveland, Sarah 3.0
LAW L8607 SEM Seminar the Psychology of Racial Justice and Policing Goff, Phillip A 2.0
LAW L8677 SEM Aging and Disability Law Cremin, K. 2.0
LAW L8816 SEM Transnational Business and Human Rights Ewing, Anthony 2.0
LAW L8941 SEM International Criminal Law Damrosch, Lori 2.0
LAW L9164 SEM Labor Rights in a Global Economy Barenberg, Mark 3.0
LAW L9165 SEM Transitional Justice Simpson, Graeme 1.5
LAW L9183 SEM Nuremberg Trials and War Crimes Law Bush, Jonathan 2.0
LAW L9350 SEM First Amendment and the Institutional Press Donnellan, J 2.0
LAW L9383 SEM International Humanitarian Law Rona, Gabor 2.0
LAW L9410 SEM Law and Policy of Homelessness Hopper, Kim 2.0
LAW L9449 SEM Religious Minorities Supreme Court Litigation Lewin, Nathan 2.0
LAW L9827 SEM Schools, Courts and Civic Participation Rebell, Michael 2.0
POPF P6670 LEC Accountability and Ethics in Humanitarian Assistance Asgary, Ramin 1.5
POPF P8607 LEC Health and Human Rights Advocacy Rivera, Lourdes 1.5
POPF P8610 LEC SRH and HIV/AIDS: Clinical, Policy and Program Perspectives Collins, Lynn 3.0
POPF P8639 LEC Gender Based Violence in Complex Emergencies - 1.5
POPF P8665 LEC Global Perspectives on Reproductive Health de Pinho, Helen 3.0
POPF P8676 LEC Epidemiological Methods for Measuring Human Rights Abuses Roberts, Leslie 1.5
POPF P8683 LEC Psychosocial and Mental Health Issues in Forced Migration Wessells, Michael 1.5
POPF P8686 SEM The Protection of Human Rights in the Contemporary World Zard, Monette 1.5
SOSC P8709 SEM Sexuality, Gender, Health and Human Rights Oliveira, Gabrielle 3.0
SOSC P8747 LEC The Ethics of Public Health Bayer, Ronald 3.0
POPF P9630 SEM Applying Ethical and Human Rights Practice in Public Health Santelli, John 43 102.0
NMED PS5220 LEC Narrative, Health, and Social Justice Dasgupta, Sayantani 4.0
SOCW T6009 LEC Race, Representation and the Criminal Justice System Westcott, Kimberly D 3.0
EDPS TC4024 SEM Social Stratification and Education Ready, D. 3.0
ITSF TC4603 LEC Human/Social Dimensions of Peace Tibbitts, Felisa 3.0
EDPA TC5016 LEC Educational Equality: Role of Law Heubert, J. 3.0
INAF U4420 LEC Oil, Rights, Development Radon, Jenik 1.0
INAF U4759 PRC Human Rights Practicum I Barkan, Elazar 1.0
INAF U6143 LEC Gender, Globalization, and Human Rights Ergas, Yasmine 3.0
INAF U6149 SEM Energy, Corporate Responsibility and Human Rights Radon, Jenik 3.0
INAF U6202 SEM Communications Policy in the Digital Age Micek, Peter 3.0
INAF U6298 SEM Reporting & Writing on War & Humanitarian Disaster - 3.0
INAF U6352 LEC United Nations and Globalization Jenks, Bruce 3.0
INAF U6373 SEM Gender Policy Practicum Ergas, Yasmine 1.5
INAF U6376 SEM LGBT Rights Internationally Stern, Jessica 3.0
INAF U6382 SEM Technology, National Security and the Citizen Wichowski, Alexis 3.0
INAF U6495 LEC Policy and Practice Humanitarian Assistance Grogan, Brian D 1.5
INAF U6551 LEC Why We Fail: Lessons In Conflict Resolution Luck, Edward 3.0
INAF U6553 SEM Advancing Human Protection Luck, Edward 3.0
INAF U6553 LEC Advancing Human Protection Luck, Edward 3.0
INAF U8180 SEM Human Rights Skills & Advocacy Becker, Jo 3.0
PUAF U8353 SEM Race Policy American Politics Greer, Christina 3.0
INAF U8785 SEM Gender, Politics, and Development McGill, Eugenia 3.0
INAF U8867 SEM International Enforcement and UN Security Council Lindenmayer 3.0
INAF U8893 WRK Human Rights and Business Clinic II Bauer, Joanne 3.0
LAW W8829 COL International Human Rights Advocacy Shamsi, Hina 2.0