ISHR Graduate Research Funding

Contact Email:

ISHR offers a research stipend to students currently enrolled in a graduate program at Columbia who are conducting research in the field of human rights. Priority is given to PhD students completing the GSAS/ISHR human rights certificate. Students are required to have a minimum GPA 3.33 and will be required to submit proof of IRB approval (or exemption), if conducting interviews.

Students should email the following information to with the subject ISHR Graduate Research Funding:

  • Research project proposal (700-800 words): The proposal should provide a brief description of your research and its significance for the field of human rights studies. Clearly demonstrate how the research project for which you are applying for financial support is necessary for addressing the key research questions you are seeking to answer. Summarize your research plan in as much detail as possible –for example, identify which organizations/ individuals/ groups you plan to work with and/or interview during the research period and why. If you are affiliated with an organization during the proposed research period, clearly explain this relationship and any tasks you will be performing for the organization.
  • Detailed budget proposal
  • Application form for Graduate Research Stipend, available here.
  • Supervisor research reference form, available here.
  • Resume: Maximum one page.
  • Location of research.
  • Time period of research.
  • Institutional affiliation (if any).
  • Alternative sources of funding for this research. If alternative funding is received, please attach information outlining other sources of funding you have received – such as grants, scholarships and stipends.
  • Documentation demonstrating IRB approval or exemption, if applicable.


Priority will be given to applications received by May 1st.