Refugee Law Project
Kitgum, Uganda
  • Refugee Law Project
    Komaketch Deo
    Research and Documentation Officer
    AHDA Fellow, 2015

    The Refugee Law Project (RLP) at Makerere University School of Law was established in 1999 to provide legal aid to asylum seekers and refugees in Uganda. RLP is affiliated with the School of Law at Makerere University in Kampala, Uganda, and also hosts the National Peace and Memory Documentation Centre (NPMDC) in Kitgum, Northern Uganda under the Conflict, Transitional Justice and Governance Programme (CTJG). The CTJG programme is a leading reference point for debate, knowledge and learning on conflict, transitional justice and governance related issues and developments in Uganda and the region.

    Volunteer Responsibilities

    While at Refugee Law Project under the Conflict Transitional Justice and Governance Programme, the intern will participate in the development of a platform that allows war-affected communities a space where they can share their memories about the war-torn past. Responsibilities include:

    • Documentation - Recording and transcribing memories of war-affected victims/survivors; mapping events that will be part of an archive.
    • Exhibit Development - Contribute to oral history exhibition; Support collection and documentation that will be part of exhibitions.
    • Research - Contribute to ongoing research on (a) Historical and inter-generational trauma, (b) Meaning and significance of Artifacts collected; Participate in the analysis of data available at NMPDC and writing final reports for publications.

    Intern will be supervised by Odong Jackson, Programme Manager, and Ogot Komakech Deo, Research and Documentation Officer.


    While the organization is not able to provide housing, it will work with the student to identify a place to stay.