Go Group Media
Tbilisi, Georgia
  • Margherita Akhvlediani
    AHDA Fellow, 2015

    Go Group Media was established in 2009 by a group of professional journalists and editors. It works mainly in Georgia and the South Caucasus region. As an organization, it seeks to use journalism to voice local concerns and facilitate a deeper and more informed dialogue within the society and in particular within the regions outside the capitals. In particular, the organization supports people to people contacts between communities, including those in the regions divided by conflicts, in order to explore common points of understanding on the key problems and issues. One of the organization’s key targets is the creation of greater opportunities for ordinary members of society, including members of minority groups, to respond to new realities and play a more active role in decision-making in the region and beyond. The organization seeks to use journalism as a tool to soothe tensions between different communities in the Caucasus which are often exacerbated by a lack of reliable information; to challenge predominant myths and stereotypes by providing information on complex issues and channels for dialogue; and to help societies afflicted by violence to understand the long-term benefits of a peace-building process.

    Volunteer Responsibilities

    Go Group Media expects its intern to be a multi-tasker capable of combining several or all of the functions listed below:

    • Copy-editing the English version of Go Group Media’s JAMnews, www.jam-news.net, a media platform covering news and analysis from across the Caucasus, Turkey, Russia, Ukraine. Which means there is a preference for a native English speaker with a masterful grasp of the language.
    • Helping develop and implement the strategy for online promotion of the JAMnews website
    • Helping out with editing video footage contributions to JAMnews.
    • Doing occasional journalistic reporting for JAMnews.
    • Researching promotion opportunities for Go Group Media’s documentary films and applying to festivals on behalf of the organization.

    The intern shall be accountable to Margarita Akhvlediani, head of Go Group Media and editor-in-chief of JAMnews, and to Maka Tsnobiladze, general manager of Go Group Media.


    While the organization is not able to provide housing, it will work with the student to identify a place to stay.