European Observatory on Memories
Barcelona, Spain
  • Oriol Lopez-Badell
    AHDA Fellow, 2014

    EUROM is a transnational network of institutions and organizations committed to the analysis and promotion of remembrance public policies. It reflects on the recent history of the struggle for democracy and freedom in Europe, advocating for a plurality of memories. The Observatory is driven by University of Barcelona Solidarity Foundation with the support of the European Union. The main goal of EUROM is to create a multidisciplinary and transnational network on memories to observe and analyze how memory policies are being developed in Europe and abroad. Its main objectives are to promote interdisciplinary research and academic activities related to the construction of public memory, contribute to the analysis and management of the politics of memory, and influence in the right of citizens to use and interpret the memorial heritage.

    Volunteer Responsibilities

    The volunteer will be supervised by EUROM Coordinator and alumnus of the Alliance for Historical Dialogue and Accountability Program (AHDA). The timeline for volunteering is beginning of June - beginning of August. Tasks will include:

    • Collaborating in processing EUROM data to contribute to the Mapping Historical Dialogue Project (MHDP) to visualize and connect EUROM own (or partners’) projects addressing issues relating to historical dialogues, historical and transitional justice, human rights, and public and social memory. The contribution to this digital map will include collecting and processing information from EUROM network partners in order to enlarge AHDA’s database. Acting as the liaison between EUROM and the Columbia University. 
    • Compiling information on issues of memory and preservation of history and the questioning of fascism in Barcelona and Spain. Compiling information on the Spanish Civil War and its causes and consequences through the volunteer student work.
    • Contributing in creating content for EUROM website as well as editing texts in English.
    • AHelp in organizing local or international activities and events. 


    Preference for the volunteer who understands/speaks/reads in Spanish, or similar language. 


    While the organization is not able to provide housing, it will work with the student to identify a place to stay.