Janakaraliya: Theatre of the People
Rajagiriya, Sri Lanka
  • Hasini Haputhanthri
    AHDA Fellow, 2015

    Janakaraliya is a mobile cultural organization that uses a collapsible theatre for travelling throughout the country with its multi-ethnic theatre group. It makes the areas cultural hubs during its stay, using Drama and Theatre, with other art forms for social harmony and integration. Its mission is to develop a culturally and spiritually awakened society enabling it to live in peace and harmony and also make the Sri Lankan society a sensitive, creative, wise, active and just. The project travels from district to district organizing drama and theatre training for youth, providing cultural and spiritual experiences and also giving the people opportunities to participate in cultural activities.

    Volunteer Responsibilities

    The volunteer will support the group by upgrading its website, creating supporting documentation of the activities of the organization and supporting the conceptualization of future programming and fundraising.


    While the organization is not able to provide housing, it will work with the student to identify a place to stay.