ESMA Memory Site
Buenos Aires, Argentina
  • Maria Jose Kahn Silva
    Director of International Cooperation
    AHDA Fellow, 2016

    The ESMA Memory Site Museum was opened in May 2015 in the former Navy School of Mechanics (ESMA) building, which was the largest of the 600 Clandestine Detention and Assassination Centers during Argentina´s military regime. The Museum is therefore physical testimony to human rights violations and serves as condemnation, proof and evidence of the acts of terrorism committed here. The Museum’s mission is to bear witness and to investigate and create awareness of the events that occurred here. It seeks to contribute to learning, experiencing and understanding through traditional and contemporary representations and by stimulating debate and prompting an intra and inter-generational dialogue.

    Volunteer Responsibilities

    As a Museum related to personal lost and collective trauma, we invite the intern to be part of a team that works on the preservation of our heritage while investigating and creating awareness. The intern will assist our team in organizing our digital archives, research, translations and transcriptions and will help in the organization of the special activities we develop for our audiences each month. The intern will also assist with our audience attention and audience research area, and provide feedback about how the museum works. We expect the volunteer to be able to spend some weeks in each of our Museum´s areas. The incorporation of interns in the different areas of our Museum will allow us to strengthen ties with the students, sharing experiences with them. In the long-term we hope to grow as an institution by the new perspectives and views each student intern brings. The student will be supervised by María José Kahn, and by department directors, Sebastian Schonfeld, Director of the Institutional Area and Maria Rosenfeld, Director of the Content Area.


    While the organization is not able to provide housing, it will work with the student to identify a place to stay.