Advocate Reports on Pride in Nuevo León, Mexico

Monday, June 27, 2022

2020-21 Advocate Ruben Avila Reyna shared the following news with us about Pride in Nuevo León, Mexico: “On June 18th, thousands of people took to the streets of Nuevo León, Mexico, to affirm that LGBTIQ+ rights are human rights. Pride means a lot in this city especially when just some years ago we were considered the most discriminatory state in the whole of Mexico. For the first time, even some Government officials joined Pride celebrations. The work in terms of laws and policies is still not done, but this year marked a significant step forward. For me, Pride is always a safe space to see who is behind the ‘you’re not alone’ slogan and also a special moment to welcome new members of our community and allies. Twenty-one years ago, when the first Pride in Nuevo León happened, there were few participants. Some of them covered their faces and many feared being persecuted by the police. This year, families, friends, activists, organizations, and many more people flooded the streets with rainbow flags to make it clear we’re here and our identities exist and resist.” Ruben continues to collaborate with organizations Mexico-wide on his project Sin Control Parental. He recently joined the Citizen Council for the Ministry of Youth in his city.