Caroline L. Silva

Caroline L. Silva is a Lecturer in the discipline of Human Rights at the Institute for the Study of Human Rights and the Department of Political Science, Columbia University. She holds a Ph.D. Degree in Political Science from Northwestern University and a Ph.D. Degree in Law from the University of Copenhagen, iCourts . Caroline completed a postdoctoral fellowship at the Lichtenberg-Kolleg - The Göttingen Institute for Advanced Study (Georg-August-Universität). She also holds an LL.M from the Kings College University of London and an LL.B from Pontifícia Universidade Católica de São Paulo (Brazil). She is a lawyer registered at the Bar Association in São Paulo, Brazil. 
At Columbia University, Caroline teaches a newly designed course named “Courts as Gatekeepers: The Two-Level Politics of Human Rights.” In this course, she shares different disciplinary views on how domestic and international courts relate, either facilitating or jeopardizing the implementation of human rights law and policies. Caroline is generally interested in Institutions, Human Rights, and Social Justice from the perspectives of International Law & International Relations, Sociology, and related disciplines. She is currently working on her book project entitled “Gatekeepers of the Realm: The Relationship between Domestic Judges & the Inter-American Court of Human Rights.” Caroline recently published an article about the Structural Bias of Domestic Courts in Latin America (
Caroline reviews for International Studies Quarterly, and she is a member of the American Human Rights System Network, UCL. Since 2015, she has taught in several different institutions and disciplines and her students either pursued academic careers or started careers in NGOs & International Organizations. Caroline lived in 12+ countries and speaks 6+ languages. She conducted fieldwork in three Latin American countries and works in three different languages.
Previous fellowships received by Caroline include the CAPES doctoral fellowship (Ministry of Education in Brazil), The Danish National Research Foundation Grant, scholarships for fieldwork from Northwestern University (EDGS, LACS, and Buffett Institute for Global Studies), and The Sasakawa Fellowship. 
Caroline was a visiting scholar at the University of São Paulo, the University of Buenos Aires, and the University of Edinburgh. She has been invited to talk at the following institutions: Kings College of London, Institute for Global Law & Policy, Harvard Law School & Institute of Geneva (Global Scholars Academy), University of Salamanca, and others. At Columbia University, she is also affiliated with the Institute of Latin American Studies (
Caroline L. Silva
Lecturer in the discipline of Human Rights
Institute for the Study of Human Rights