Indigenous Peoples Rights International
Baguio City, Philippines
  • Indigenous Peoples Rights International
    , 2021

    This is a remote volunteer opportunity.

    The Indigenous Peoples Rights International (IPRI) is a legally registered, non-profit global Indigenous Peoples organisations that works to protect Indigenous Peoples right, and unity and amplify the call for justice to victims of criminalization and impunity.  We recognise the long-standing concerns over disproportionate representation of Indigenous peoples in incarceration.

    Our organization is to:
    Respond to reduce and prevent violence against and criminalisation of Indigenous peoples.
    Secure the safety of Indigenous individuals and communities under threat.
    Increase Awareness globally by leading coordinating campaigns to address violence, and criminalization of Indigenous peoples.

    Volunteer Responsibilities

    In close cooperation with Sandra Creamer, Chairperson, and Joyce Godio, Research Coordinator, the student volunteers will be involved in:
    This project aims to gain a deeper knowledge on criminalization, the legal barriers and the systematic discrimination in the justice systems for Indigenous peoples around the world. The data and case summaries will reflect the disproportionate rate of Indigenous peoples in prisons and:
    • What was their crime?
    • If they had access to a lawyer
    • What were the penalties and if they pleaded guilty accepting the plea bargains.
    • What are the impacts and consequences of their incarceration to their families/clan/tribe/community.
    The target countries are:
    • Guatemala, Tanzania and Indonesia.
    If there is time a comparative study on the incarceration of Indigenous peoples in Australia, New Zealand, US and Canada based on available data. 
    This project will help IPRI and partners:
    • to develop advocacy strategies at country, regional and international levels addressing the issues of injustice with Indigenous people’s incarcerations and the incarceration rate, access to justice and raise awareness of the mass incarceration of Indigenous peoples and
    • build a data on the discriminatory laws that are linked to incarceration of Indigenous peoples and review their issues related to access to justice. 

    Application Details

    To apply, students should email a cover letter and resume to with the subject line “SVP application - [Name of Organization].” Please submit your application as soon as possible but no later than March 15, 2021. Please indicate the organization(s) that you are interested in working with, and the relevance of this work to your studies. Applications and interview results will then be sent to the hosting organizations, which may request interviews. Final decisions will be announced by end of May.