Youth Initiative for Human Rights
  • , 2021

    This is a remote volunteer opportunity.

    The Youth Initiative for Human Rights was founded in late 2008 by young human rights activists with the support of the then regional Youth Initiative for Human Rights. Youth Initiative for Human Rights - Croatia is one of the five members of the YIHR regional network. Youth Initiative for Human Rights - Croatia is based in Zagreb, but it also implements its programs in other parts of Croatia, especially in the areas affected by the wars of the 1990s.

    Vision: Living in responsible societies that have learned lessons from the past and strive for a positive future based on respect for human rights, civic values ​​and the rule of law.

    Mission: The Human Rights Initiative is a non-profit and non-governmental organization that believes that respect for human life is the only foundation and fundamental value of any open and successful society.
    Mandate - program priorities achieved through the Justice, Reconciliation, Outreach and Social Development and Innovation Programs: dealing with the past, dealing with the legacy of the past in the present and learning from past experiences for a better future; providing support to victims of human rights violations and contributing to the establishment of an institutional framework for the prevention (recurrence) of mass human rights violations in the future; capacity building and cooperation among young people with the aim of creating societies of peace in which civic values ​​and human rights are fully respected, and social development and the development of social innovation in war-affected areas.
    Youth Initiative for Human Rights was awarded French Human Rights Prize in 2019.

    Volunteer Responsibilities

    Internship program will be divided into two parts:

    1) Introduction: what we do, who we are, YIHR’s goals and objectives:

    • Discussion about current situation in Croatia in terms of dealing with the past and the realization of transitional justice mechanisms
    • Presentation and discussion of the successful and award-winning “Shared Narratives - Past continues” project
    • YIHR’s current projects in the field of combating nationalism and hate speech as well as other advocacy efforts in the field of combating hate speech, hate crimes and civil victims rights
    • Lectures and discussions

    2) Research:

    • Conducting research on a specific topic in the field of transitional justice related to the culture of remembrance and events related to the commemoration of the Military Police Operation Storm (analysis parts of the Trials/Appeals chamber verdict in the Gotovina et al. case before International Criminal Tribunal for former Yugoslavia, analysis of the discourse of media coverage of the Operation Storm anniversaries in foreign media, etc.)*Research topic is open to agreement between the mentor and the intern
    • Analysis and discussion of research findings
    Informing and empowering to engaging in the civil society work; know how - working with youth, efficient use of non formal education tools; policy making and human rights advocacy; acquired basic knowledge about the culture of memory and politics of memory in Croatia in relation to the wars of the 1990s; exploring the power of a transitional justice approach to education reconstruction in post-conflict societies; using interdisciplinary methods to develop critical thinking.
    Selection criteria: 
    • Student in humanities or social sciences, prefered;
    • Access to the  internet and availability to connect to  the YIHR staff on a regular basis;
    • Availability to commit for a period of 8 weeks, between June to August 2021;
    • Experience/ studies/knowledge about Balkans
    • Experience in communication, historical research, human rights advocacy, prefered.

    Application Details

    To apply, students should email a cover letter and resume to with the subject line “SVP application - [Name of Organization].” Please submit your application as soon as possible but no later than March 15, 2021. Please indicate the organization(s) that you are interested in working with, and the relevance of this work to your studies. Applications and interview results will then be sent to the hosting organizations, which may request interviews. Final decisions will be announced by end of May.