Balkan Crossroads

Historical Dialogue between Scholars in Southeast Europe
Tuesday, March 7, 2017

The Program on Peace-building and Human Rights is proud to announce the launch of Balkan Crossroads, a compilation of essays by graduate students and post-doctoral candidates at Panteion University (Athens) and Ss. Cyril and Methodius University (Skopje). The publication is part of a shared history project involving students and faculty from both countries.

Balkan Crossroads is part of a broader “Southeast Europe Dialogue Project” undertaken by the Program on Peace-building and Rights at Columbia University’s Institute for the Study of Human Rights. The project fosters collaborative activities between officials, politicians, journalists, environmentalists, educators, and students. It motivates civil society to work together, while creating an improved climate for resolution of bilateral issues.

History can be divisive and a source of conflict. Alternatively, historical dialogue can enhance understanding, foster empathy, and shed light on historical events as the basis for future reconciliation.

In this case, positive personal relations forged between students and faculty are an added benefit, advancing the goals of mutual understanding and cooperation.

Click here to read or download Balkan Crossroads.