Intercultural Studies Institute Universidad Javeriana Cali
Cali, Colombia
  • Laura Alvarez
    AHDA Fellow, 2017, 2018

    The Intercultural Studies Institute’s main objectives are to promote processes of regional sustainability, to facilitate meeting spaces between different cultures, to contribute in this way to the social transformation of intercultural conflicts and to strengthen the processes of peace building.

    Volunteer Responsibilities

    • The volunteer will be supporting development of the Institute’s strategy at Javeriana University and accompanying the implementation of the peace agreements in the areas of reincorporation of the FARC-EP.
    • Or, the volunteer will support one of the four research areas of the Institute: Rural Development; Social Movements and Peace-building; Education in Multicultural Contexts; Economic Models, and Interculturality and Sustainability.
    • Volunteer will support and accompany the project coordinators. Specific details will depend on the profile and interests of the volunteer.