Miller Human Rights Award

The Miller Human Rights Award will support undergraduate human rights students who seek to deepen their experience through study abroad or volunteer work. The placement should provide substantive and thoughtful engagement, through a human rights lens, with communities experiencing socio-economic inequities, forms of discrimination, or other types of institutional or societal marginalization. Applicants with placements in the Global South are especially encouraged to apply, although the nature of the work and its potential for addressing a significant need in a marginalized community is prioritized over a specific location/country. The Miller Award will support up to two undergraduate students per academic year.

Selected students will engage in an opportunity abroad that will enhance their human rights education or professional experience. This could entail an internship, volunteer work, or study abroad. Students currently enrolled in Columbia College or the School of General Studies are eligible to apply. Award recipients will receive a stipend in the amount of $5,000, intended to defray the costs associated with pursuing an experience abroad. Semester and summer opportunities are eligible for funding. Fellowship recipients are expected to write a brief report, discussing their experience and its impact on their academic studies or expected career trajectory in human rights. Recipients are also invited to write a blog post for ISHR’s RightsViews blog.

Steve Miller is the Chief Financial Officer of Warby Parker and serves on the Board of Ubuntu Pathways. Steve graduated from Columbia College in 1995 with a degree in Political Science. While at Columbia, Steve spent time in Johannesburg, South Africa and helped raise over $500K in support of local communities. Steve’s volunteer experience had a lasting impact on his commitment to social justice initiatives and he remains actively engaged with civil society in the country.

To apply, please submit this application, a copy of your CV/Resume, and all supporting documentation as one Word document attachment to There will be one prize in Spring 2023 which can include junior year abroad work if relevant, and one in Summer 2023. Applications are accepted on a rolling basis, with a priority admission date of December 1 for Spring term submissions and May 1 for Summer submissions.

Note: Disbursement of this award is contingent on compliance with Columbia University’s international travel policies and procedures.

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