2019 Advocate interviewed by Outright International

Monday, March 6, 2023
2019 Advocate Wisdom Bebli was recently interviewed by Outright International. Bebli discussed the anti-LGBTIQ bill launched in the Ghanaian parliament. He is the Executive Director of Solace Initiative an NGO working for the promotion and protection of LGBTQ+ people in Ghana.
During the interview, Bebli said: "If passed there will be a lot of injustice, there will be a lot of violent attacks on the LGBTIQ community, there will be lack of access to health for LGBTIQ persons, there will be lower esteem for LGBTIQ persons in basic social amenities. Whenever this bill passes, it's going to go a long way to affect my children in the future, it's going to affect their children, grandchildren, great grandchildren in the future. So all I'm asking is they should think twice about this anti-LGBTIQ bill."
Click here to watch the interview.