Alumni Highlight

Jillian Carson
Monday, March 28, 2016

Congratulations to 2012 graduate Jillian Carson for her work on a Massachusetts bill to extend the statute of limitations for international human rights abuses. 

Carson currently in her second year at New England Law | Boston. She is also the research assistant at the school’s Center for International Law and Policy. The Center coordinates research projects for students in partnership with international organizations in various areas of international law.

In 2015, Carson worked on the Center’s Legislative Policy Project. The project involved New England students in the research, drafting, and advocacy for  Senate Bill 877, which would extend the statute of limitations for grave international human rights abuses. Carson, along with students from New England and Harvard, lobbied local senators and representatives and engaged local business and organizations in support of the bill. In November, Carson testified in support of the bill in front of the Joint Judiciary Committee in Boston and submitted written testimony in support of the bill. Her testimony and submissions are now a part of the bill’s legislative history.

Carson graduated from Columbia with a master’s degree in human rights in May 2012. She worked as a Program Coordinator with the AHDA Program and the Indigenous Peoples’ Rights Program at ISHR before entering law school in 2015.