Alumni Highlight

Maria Rohani, M.A. 2017
Friday, February 17, 2017

Maria Rohani is the co-founder of #BanThis, a national photo campaign in response to President Trump's "Muslim Ban". The campaign is a collection of portraits and stories of individuals across the United States and it aims to showcase the diversity of the immigrant experiences in America. See the campaign at You can also participate by submitting your own story through the website!

Maria is the Social Movements Advisor at CARE, where she sits on the Policy and Advocacy team. In this capacity, she leads the organization's strategy for engaging with social movements and grassroots activists both in the United States and abroad.

Maria graduated with a Masters in Human Rights Studies from Columbia University in February 2017, where she focused on racial justice. Her thesis research studied the relationship between Black Lives Matter and the international human rights system. While at Columbia, she served as a Research Assistant at the Human Rights Institute at Columbia Law School.