Alumni Highlight

Saadia Khan
Monday, March 14, 2022

Saadia Khan holds a Master's in Human Rights Studies and is the creator and host of the podcast Immigrantly. Being a first-generation Pakistani-American and Muslim woman, Saadia brings to the table a unique perspective on immigration, motherhood, multiculturalism, and more. She is committed to conversations that call into question our assumptions about immigrants, including ways in which interpersonal and institutional forces impact their portrayal and reception. 

Immigrantly is a space for curious and compassionate discourse. As a WOC-led weekly podcast, it invites guests of immigrant identities to share their stories and together explore issues of race, identity, politics, and the general messiness of being human. Through these narratives, often siloed by the bipartisanship landscape, Immigrantly subverts and supports understandings we hold on social issues. After all, the personal is political. Typical episodes display the journey of its guests through Q&A dialogue but special ones include narration-only audios on current and historical events like the Afghan Refugee Crisis and the Partition of India
Recent episodes include explorations of sibling love and Hollywood identity with Sujata Day, the producer of Definition Please, and an actress on Insecure and Misadventures of Awkward Black Girl and intersectionality in arts, advocacy, and self-being with award-winning theater performer Marla Louissaint.