Student Highlight

Isidora Roskic
Wednesday, November 3, 2021

Isidora Roskic (she/her) shares her experience as a student in the Human Rights Studies M.A. Program so far.

In which program are you enrolled and when is your expected graduation date?
Human Rights Studies Masters Program; December 2021
What is your research focus in the HRSMA program?
Sexual and gender minority rights
Which class would you recommend to other students interested in the same issues as you?
I would recommend LGBTI Health & Human Rights with Mark Canavera and LGBTI Rights International with Jessica Stern.
Where did you grow up? 
Toronto, Canada
What is a must-read for a human rights student?
Melanie Judge, Blackwashing Homophobia
Can you describe any volunteer or extracurricular activities that you have been a part of during your time at Columbia and how this experience has impacted you?
I volunteered as a Staff Writer for Columbia's RightsView blog. It allowed me to develop my research writing skills as well as provide information on national and international LGBTQ+ human rights issues. 
What has been your favorite moment in the program so far?
My favorite moment was returning back to in-person classes after a year of remote work. It was wonderful finally meeting my classmates face-to-face rather than via Zoom. 
What has been the most challenging part of the program?
It was challenging to establish a network and build relationships with other students when everyone was working remotely. I missed the human connection and the excitement of face-to-face interactions. 
What are your goals (professional or academic) after graduation? Where do you see yourself in 10 years?
My goal would be to fight for LGBTQ+ rights internationally. I've been incredibly lucky to learn from so many queer activists and equality advocates working diligently in the field of human rights. I would love to travel internationally and play a fundamental role in bolstering LGBTQ+ progress. 
What is your favorite spot to study or spend time on campus?
When weather permits, sitting on the lawn is always great for socializing and getting some fresh air while studying. 
What is one thing that your peers would never guess about you or might find surprising?
I'm very spontaneous and adventurous–I love the excitement of booking a last-minute trip or agreeing to trying out new things. 
What is your hometown/area famous for?
The CN tower, Drake and Raptors Basketball. 
If you were to start a bookclub, which book would be first on your list? Why?
Rebecca (1938), which is an old gothic novel with just an exciting twist. 
Anything else you wish to share about yourself or your experience in the program/Columbia so far?
Starting your education at an Ivy league school can be really daunting. I grew up hearing horror stories about competitive classmates that try to manipulate one another into doing poorly! This couldn't be further from the truth! The Human Rights program has been filled with some of the most caring and compassionate people. I've had so much support from my classmates! Never hesitate to introduce yourself first or reach out if you need help.