Update on the Mapping Historical Dialogue Project

Thursday, July 29, 2021

The Mapping Historical Dialogue Project housed with the Institute for the Study of Human Rights website was updated with 30 projects in the francophone countries. MHDP currently lists over 800 projects in 114 countries.

The goal of the project is to transform the history of a conflict from a liability to a resource in conflict resolution and to imagine the engagement of the memory of past conflicts as an opportunity to develop mechanisms of acknowledgment and reciprocal recognition. This mapping seeks to visualize projects that engage in this work. The map relies on a crowdsourcing model that enables users to report on work being done in the field.Some examples of the newly mapped projects are: the creation of Memorial of Deportations in Marseille, activities in education and documentation at the Foundation for the Memory of the Holocaust in Paris and the Report on the Restitution of African Cultural Heritage.

We are thankful for the contribution by Professor Sarah Gensburger, French National Center for Scientific Research, and Arda Yurtcu, a student in Columbia Dual Degree program. We are grateful for the support provided by the Columbia College Research and Fellowships department and the School of General Studies for this summer research opportunity.
To  review or contribute to MHDP, please visit the website:  http://historicaldialogues.org/mhdp/