Elvira Domínguez-Redondo

Dr. Elvira Domínguez-Redondo (LLB, Dip. Business Management, M.Phil, PhD) is Associate Professor of International Law at Middlesex University, London (UK) and Adjunct Lecturer of the Irish Center for Human Rights (NUI Galway, Ireland).In the past, Dr. Domínguez-Redondo held different academic positions, at the Transitional Justice Institute (University of Ulster); the Irish Centre for Human Rights (NUI, Ireland); the University of Alcalá de Henares (Spain); and University of Carlos III de Madrid (Spain). She has worked as a consultant with the Special Rapporteur on torture at the Office of the High Commisisoner for Human Rights (Switzerland).

Dr. Domínguez-Redondo specialises in international law and human rights legal theory. She is the author of two books, Public Special Procedures of the UN Commission on Human Rights and Minority Rigths in Asia (co-authored with Prof. J Castellino). She has also written a wide range of articles on international law and human rights topics for academic journals. Her current research focuses on the impact of politicization and cooperation between States on the growth and efficiency of the United Nations human rights system.

Elvira Domínguez-Redondo, 2018