Eva Erman

Eva Erman holds a Ph.D. in political science from Stockholm University, Sweden. She has a B.A. in social anthropology and in political science, and an M.A. in political science, all three from Stockholm University. She also completed part of her studies toward the M.A. degree at Kingston University, London. In her doctoral thesis, Eva explored the relationship between democracy and human rights with particular attention directed to the absence of political rights in the international rights discourse, from a Habermasian deliberative perspective. Dr. Erman is a senior lecturer at Stockholm University, where she teaches political theory, political philosophy and issues related to human rights. She authored an article entitled “Rethinking accountability in the context of human rights.” While at Columbia University Dr. Erman was advised by Professor Thomas Pogge. She has funding from Wenner-Gren Foundations. Her most recent publication is the book Human Rights and Democracy: Discourse Theory and Global Rights Institutions (Aldershot: Ashgate Publishing, 2005).

Eva Erman, 2006