Gao Yaojie

Dr. Gao Yaojie, an OBG specialist, is a renowned expert on HIV/AIDS. She has had a prominent role internationally in revealing the AIDS pandemic in China, despite the ongoing cover-up and corruption, and she has experienced subsequent crackdown by the government. She has traveled to several hundred villages and over ten provinces in her career, using even her personal funds and award money toward the cause. Dr. Gao’s work has included not only the medical help for AIDS patients and exposure of the pandemic, but also publishing AIDS prevention education, including 1.2 million pamphlets and a half million books. She has consulted U.S. Secretary of State Clinton in both Beijing and Washington, DC. At Columbia, Dr. Gao compiled the results from field trips and research to uncover the truth about the AIDS epidemic in China. Her most recent major publications include China AIDS Plague: 10,000 Letters (Hong Kong: Open PublishingHouse, 2009), Ten Years’ Journey of AIDS Prevention (Changjiang: Culture and Art Press, 2006), The ten thousand letters - what I am seeing and hearing: AIDS, sexually transmitted diseases, the present situation of life (with Shang Huibin and Guo Mingjiu, China Social Science Press, 2004), and The Investigation of AIDS in China (Guangxi Normal University Press, 2005).

Yaojie Gao, 2011