Theresa Khorozyan

Theresa Khorozyan is a visiting lecturer at the American University of Armenia (AUA) and is also the senior program manager of Counterpart International’s civic advocacy support program. Ms. Khorozyan has also worked for the United Nations Development Programme, the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe, and the Center for Policy Analysis at AUA. She received her MA in the theory and practice of human rights from the University of Essex, UK and her MA in political science and international relations from the American University of Armenia.
Ms. Khorozyan joined CSHR in January 2009 as a recipient of the Open Society Institute’s Faculty Development Fellowship, which is designed to encourage the pursuit of academic careers, generate new approaches to curricular and pedagogical reform, and support the development of regional and international institutional partnerships and collaborative projects. While at CSHR, Ms. Khorozyan developed a new course, Non-state Actors in the Protection and Promotion of Human Rights, for political science students at AUA. The objective of this course is to examine and assess human rights practices and policies of various non-state actors at international and national levels, focusing in particular on the roles of non-governmental organizations, businesses, and development agencies in setting and enforcing human rights standards. As a visiting scholar, Ms. Khorozyan also revised the syllabus of the international law and human rights course that she currently teaches.
Theresa Khorozyan, 2009