Yohanna Kagoro Gandu

Mr. Gandu, a Fulbright Scholar and a doctoral candidate at Ahmadu Bello University (Nigeria), was a Visiting Scholar at the Center from 1999-2000. At the Center he conducted research for his doctoral dissertation, “The Violation of Widows' Reproductive Rights in Nigeria.” Mr. Gandu was the 1997 recipient of a Nigerian National Competition Award for the best doctoral research proposal in the social sciences. With a strong background in sociology, Mr. Gandu has conducted extensive research on the economic crisis in Africa and its social implications for workers and other poor, the refugee crisis in Africa, the knowledge and use of contraceptives in Nigeria, as well as many other areas. He has also coordinated UNICEF-sponsored workshops and advocacy training programs for rural women on the topic of “Safe Motherhood and Child Survival in Rural Nigeria.”

Yohanna Kagoro Gandu, 2000