2005 Advocate Alejandra Ancheita

2005 Advocate Alejandra Ancheita is the founder and executive director of the Mexico City-based Economic, Social and Cultural Rights Project (ProDESC). Alejandra is a Mexican lawyer and internationally recognized activist for the rights of migrants, workers, and indigenous communities. ProDESC’s work features an integrated approach, combining community education and organizing, corporate research, human rights litigation, and policy advocacy; thereby bringing about real structural change. Alejandra is one of the leading Latin American voices in the human rights movement. She has spoken in various international forums, such as the UN Forum on Business and Human Rights, the Women’s Forum for the Economy and Society and the OECD Annual Meeting of National Contact Points, as well as arguing cases before the Inter-American Commission of Human Rights and the national courts. Alejandra is the 2014 Laureate of the Martin Ennals Award for Human Rights Defenders. Alejandra is accompanied by team members at the inauguration of the Centro de Asistencia, Asesoría y Atención al Trabajador Migrante, a project of ProDESC that provides free legal assistance and representation to both local and migrant workers.