2018 Advocate Mambu Feika

2018 Advocate Mambu Feika is the director of Prison Watch Sierra Leone (PWSL), which monitors prisons throughout the country and advocates for the humane treatment of detainees. Along with monitoring prison conditions, PWSL also provides human rights training for detention officers and civil society members. PWSL works to open up conversations on the rights of detainees, and advocates that all individuals must have their fundamental human rights respected, including the right to safe detainment conditions. Feika represents PWSL on the Sierra Leone Correctional Service Council, which advises the president of Sierra Leone on policy matters pertaining to correctional services and centers. Feika is pictured with children from northern Sierra Leone who lost their parents to Ebola. These children were quarantined for 21 days as a preventive measure to ensure that they weren’t infected. PWSL worked with their organization’s donors to provide the children with food during the quarantine.