2018 Advocate Marijana Savic

2018 Advocate Marijana Savic is the founder and executive director of the Citizens Association for Combating Trafficking in Human Beings and All Forms of Gender-Based Violence (ATINA), an NGO in Serbia. ATINA promotes women’s and children’s rights throughout Serbia, specifically advocating for victims of trafficking, sexual abuse, labor exploitation, discrimination, and violence. With Marijana’s leadership and creativity, ATINA founded The Bagel Bejgl, a social enterprise leveraging the market-based economy to create a safe space where women trafficking survivors can learn new skills and find employment opportunities alongside other survivors and at-risk women. Bagel Bejgl also generates funds for reintegration programs for victims of trafficking and other forms of exploitation. The organization pledges their profits to services for survivors and those at risk of trafficking with the overall goal of ending human trafficking in the community. In addition to her work with ATINA, Marijana also serves as an advisor to international NGOs and state governments advocating for the inclusion of marginalized trafficking victims in human rights policy. Marijana is photographed talking about key steps towards gender equality during a session sponsored by UN Women and ATINA.