Meet Our Scholars

Each year, the Institute for the Study of Human Rights welcomes a select number of visiting scholars to conduct research on a variety of human rights topics. Past visiting scholars have included federal judges, attorneys, trailblazers in NGO advocacy, academics and medical doctors. These scholars have come from more than 35 countries and form an essential part of ISHR’s global community of human rights researchers, scholars, and advocates.

Prospective scholars and others interested in researching human rights are encouraged to explore the biographies of some of our recent scholars below. Use the tabs below to sort through our scholars by research specialization. Click here for a list of additional visiting scholars.

To learn more about the Visiting Scholars Program and how to apply, click here.

Artak Ayunts
Artak Ayunts, 2013
Christine Bader
Christine Bader, 2013
Ding Fangguan
Fangguan Ding, 2013
Penelopa Gjurchilova
Penelopa Gjurcilova, 2013
David Hawk
David Hawk, 2013
Arunajeet Kaur, 2013
Asghar Khan
Asghar Khan, 2013
Rafi Nets-Zehngut
Rafi Nets-Zehngut, 2013
Shayna Plaut
Shayna Plaut, 2013
Nina Schneider
Nina Schneider, 2013
Rachel Wahl
Rachel Wahl, 2013
Wen Yunchao
Yunchao Wen, 2013
Ze Hua
Hua Ze, 2013
Zarizana Abdul Aziz
Zarizana Abdul Aziz, 2012
Bart De Sutter, 2012