Graduate Course List

Update Regarding the 2020-2021 Academic Year 
The 2020-2021 academic year will be comprised of three semesters: Fall 2020, Spring 2021, and Summer 2021. ISHR will offer courses in each of these terms. Please review this page for a list of ISHR courses and other pre-approved classes for the degree. Information about class formats for the fall term is also included below.

Teaching modalities for ISHR’s fall term courses will include: “online only” (classes conducted 100% remotely) and “hybrid” (classes that include in-person sessions, while simultaneously allowing all students to connect remotely for each session). Please note that hybrid courses will range in the number and frequency of in-person sessions. Additionally, the format for each course is subject to change and may be updated to reflect new developments, including faculty ability to teach on campus and public health regulations. As such, any in-person sessions may be modified to “online only” contingent on evolving public health and safety conditions. More information about the course format will be available in the course syllabus.

This page provides an overview of our course offerings for all three terms, to help students as they make decisions and plans for the academic year ahead. Please note that this schedule will be updated periodically and may be subject to change. Students are encouraged not only to revisit this page but also to confirm the course listings in the online Directory of Courses and Vergil, where course descriptions and class meeting times will be posted.

  • ISHR Fall 2020 Graduate Courses (Full-term)
  • HRTS GU4185 Human Rights and Global Economic Justice (Online Only)
  • HRTS GU4215 NGOs and the Human Rights Movement (Hybrid)
  • HRTS GU4230 Refugees, Forced Migration & Displacement (Online Only)
  • HRTS GU4400 Sexual Orientation, Gender Identity and Rights (Online Only)
  • HRTS GU4500 UN Treaty Bodies (Online Only)
  • HRTS GU4650 Children's Rights Advocacy (Hybrid)
  • HRTS GU4950 Human Rights and Human Wrongs (Hybrid)
  • HRTS GU4965 Gender-Based Violence and Human Rights (Online Only)
  • HRTS GR6020 sec. 001 Intro to Human Rights (Hybrid)
  • HRTS GR6020 sec. 002 Intro to Human Rights (Online Only)
  • HRTS GR6800 International Human Rights (Online Only)
  • HRTS GR6990 Human Rights Research Seminar (Online Only)
  • ISHR Spring 2021 Graduate Courses (Full-term)
  • HRTS GU4270 Social Media and Human Rights
  • HRTS GU4360 Menstruation, Gender, and Rights
  • HRTS GU4380 Advocating and Campaigning for Social and Economic Rights
  • HRTS GR 4600 Human Rights in the Anthropocene
  • HRTS GR4810 Religion and Human Rights
  • HRTS GU4880 Human Rights in the United States
  • HRTS GU4930 International Humanitarian Law and Human Rights  
  • HRTS GR6800 International Human Rights Law
  • HRTS GR6990 Human Rights Research Seminar
  • ISHR Summer A 2021 Graduate Courses 
  • HRTS S4250 US Immigration Rights, Framing & Advocacy
  • HRTS S4910 NGOs & The Human Rights Movement

As part of Graduate School of Arts and Sciences (GSAS), our students take courses in a range of departments, including Political Science, Religion, Anthropology, Women’s Studies, and Sociology. Students can also take human rights related courses offered by other schools at Columbia.

Each semester, the program publishes a list of courses of potential interest to graduate students. We try to keep this information as up-to-date as possible, but students should also consult the Directory of Classes, departments offering the course, and school bulletins for additional course information when planning their course schedules.

This course list is subject to change upon receipt of additional course information. If you would like to suggest an addition or modification to this list, please email relevant course information and syllabi to Courses that are not on the pre-approved list may also fulfill degree requirements if the student can demonstrate that he or she can complete substantial coursework specifically focusing on human rights in that course.

Before each semester’s registration period, students should confer with the program to verify that courses of interest fulfill degree requirements. Students should submit courses under consideration via the online Course Advising Form.

Approval of a class for the degree does not guarantee enrollment in that course. Students are responsible for following all registration and cross-registration procedures. Consult the Directory of Classes and individual departments/instructors regarding any permission/application/prerequisites needed for a course.

Types of Courses

Pre-Approved Courses

Pre-Approved Courses automatically count towards the degree as an elective human rights course. They fulfill the concentration requirement of the degree, depending on the student’s selected concentration.

Additional courses

These courses are additional courses of potential interest to human rights students. Courses on this list, as well as others listed on the Directory of Classes, may fulfill degree requirements if the student can demonstrate that he or she can complete substantial coursework specifically focusing on human rights. Students who would like to count one of these courses towards the degree should consult with the program.


Dept Course # Format Title Instructor(s) Credits
ANTH GR6157 SEM Idea of a Black Radical Tradition Scott, David 3.0
ANTH GR6170 SEM Law, History and Anthropology Messick, Brinkley 3.0
EDPA TC5016 LEC Educational Equality: Role of Law Heubert, J. 3.0
EDPS TC4024 SEM Social Stratification and Education Kim, J 3.0
HRTS GR6800 SEM International Human Rights Law Cooper, Belinda 3.0
HRTS GR6990 SEM Human Rights Research Seminar Nettelfield, Lara 3.0
HRTS GR6990 SEM Human Rights Research Seminar Holland, Tracey 3.0
HRTS GU4270 SEM Social Media and Human Rights Perlmutter, Ted 3.0
HRTS GU4360 SEM Menstruation, Gender, and Rights Winkler, Inga 3.0
HRTS GU4380 SEM Advocating and Campaigning for Social and Economic Rights Rosenthal, Mila 3.0
HRTS GU4600 SEM Human Rights in the Anthropocene Chasin, Noah 3.0
HRTS GU4810 SEM Religion and Human Rights Chuman, Joseph 3.0
HRTS GU4880 SEM Human Rights in the United States Nettelfield, Lara 3.0
HRTS GU4930 SEM Int'l Humanitarian Law and Human Rights Cronin, Bruce 4.0
HRTS GR9040 - Internship Nettelfield, Lara 1.0
INAF U4420 LEC Oil, Rights, Development Radon, Jenik 1.0
INAF U6144 SEM Media Campaigning and Social Change Shiffrin, Anya & Worden, Mary 3.0
INAF U6202 SEM Internet Governance, Human Rights, & Inclusive Policymaking (in the Digital Age) Micek, Peter 3.0
INAF U6352 LEC United Nations and Globalization Naujoks, Daniel 3.0
INAF U6376 SEM LGBT Rights Internationally: Contemporary Issues and Fundamental Principles Stern, Jessica 3.0
INAF U6403 LEC Regulating Reproduction: Care, Procreation & Equality Ergas, Yasmine 3.0
INAF U6405 LEC Human Rights and Development Policy Braun & Gearhart 3.0
INAF U6499 PRC Human Rights and Humanitarian Policy Practicum Friedman, Susannah 1.5
INAF U8180 SEM Human Rights Skills & Advocacy Becker, Jo 3.0
INAF U8351 SEM Race, Gender, and Political Change Powell, Jerri E. 1.5
INAF U8785 SEM Gender, Politics, and Development: Theory, Policy & Practice McGill, Eugenia & Maxine Weisgrau 3.0
INAF U6382 SEM Technology, National Security and the Citizen Wichowski, Alexis 3.0
INAF U6551 LEC Why We Fail: Lessons In Conflict Resolution and Atrocity Prevention Luck, Edward 3.0
INAF U6553 LEC Advancing Human Protection Luck, Edward 3.0