Undergraduate Courses

Update Regarding the 2020-2021 Academic Year 
The 2020-2021 academic year will be comprised of three semesters: Fall 2020, Spring 2021, and Summer 2021. ISHR will offer courses in each of these terms. Please review this page for a list of ISHR courses and other pre-approved classes for the degree. Information about class formats for the fall term is also included below.

Teaching modalities for ISHR’s fall term courses will include: “online only” (classes conducted 100% remotely) and “hybrid” (classes that include in-person sessions, while simultaneously allowing all students to connect remotely for each session). Please note that hybrid courses will range in the number and frequency of in-person sessions. Additionally, the format for each course is subject to change and may be updated to reflect new developments, including faculty ability to teach on campus and public health regulations. As such, any in-person sessions may be modified to “online only” contingent on evolving public health and safety conditions. More information about the course format will be available in the course syllabus.

This page provides an overview of our course offerings to help students as they make decisions and plans for the academic year ahead. Please note that this schedule will be updated periodically and may be subject to change. Students are encouraged not only to revisit this page but also to confirm the course listings in the online Directory of Courses and Vergil, where course descriptions and class meeting times will be posted.

  • ISHR Spring 2021 Undergraduate Courses (Full-term)
  • HRTS UN3001 Introduction to Human Rights 
  • HRTS UN3190 International Human Rights Law 
  • HRTS UN3995 Human Rights Senior Seminar 
  • HRTS UN3996 Human Rights Thesis Seminar 
  • HRTS GU4270 Social Media and Human Rights 
  • HRTS GU4360 Menstruation, Gender & Rights 
  • HRTS GU4380 Advocating and Campaigning for Social and Economic Rights 
  • HRTS GU4600 Human Rights in the Anthropocene 
  • HRTS GU4810 Religion and Human Rights 
  • HRTS GU4880 Human Rights in the United States 
  • HRTS GU4930 International Humanitarian Law & Human Rights
  • ISHR Summer 2021 Undergraduate Courses
  • HRTS S4910 NGOs & The Human Rights Movement (Session A)
  • HRTS (TBC) Facing the Violent Past: Prevention and Repair (Session A)
  • HRTS S4020 Introduction to Human Rights (Session B)
  • HRTS S4220 International Human Rights Law (Session B)
  • HRTS S4250 US Immigration Rights, Framing & Advocacy (Session B)
  • HRTS S4190 Human Rights and Visual Culture (Session B)
Each semester, the program publishes a list of pre-approved courses that fulfill major or concentration requirements as well as a list of additional courses of potential interest. Courses that are not on the pre-approved list may also be approved for the degree if the student can demonstrate that he or she can complete substantial coursework specifically focusing on human rights in that course.The following course list is subject to change upon receipt of additional course information. If you would like to suggest an addition or modification to this list, please email the relevant course information, including the syllabus if available, to uhrp@columbia.edu.

We try to keep this information as up-to-date as possible, but students should confirm course times and locations with the Directory of Classes  or the department offering the course.

Before each semester’s registration period, students should submit an online Course Advising Form in order to confirm that courses of interest will fulfill remaining degree requirements.

For additional information on requirements and course advising, please see the major and concentration requirements pages.

Major - Pre-approved distributional courses

In order to fulfill the distributional requirement of the major, students must take one course in three of these four categories: Politics and History; Culture and Representation; Political Theory and Philosophy; and Social and Economic Processes. Please see the major requirements for additional information about this program.
The following courses fulfill the distributional requirement of the major. Students wishing to take courses not on this list should refer to course advising procedure mentioned above.

Concentration - Pre-approved courses

All pre-approved distributional courses for the major may be counted towards the concentration.

Additional courses

These are additional courses that may be of interest to human rights students. Courses on this list, as well as others listed on the Directory of Classes, may fulfill degree requirements if the student can demonstrate that he or she can complete substantial coursework specifically focusing on human rights. Students who would like to count one of these courses towards the degree should consult with the program.

NOTE: Introduction to Human Rights (HRTS UN3001) will not be offered in Fall 2020. The class has been postponed until Spring 2021. Students should contact the department at uhrp@columbia.edu with any questions or to schedule an advising appointment. 


Dept Course # Format Title Instructor(s) Credits
AFAS GU4080 SEM Topics in the Black Experience - Critical Race Theory Jean-Marie, V. 4.0
AFAS UN1001 LEC Introduction to African-American Studies Sorret, Joseph 4.0
AFRS BC3589 SEM Black Sexual Politics US Culture Naylor, Celia 4.0
ANTH BC3932 SEM Climate Change, Global Migration, and Human Rights in the Anthropocene Slayer, J.C. 4.0
CPLS W4325 SEM Abolition Medicine: Medical Racism Dasgupta, Sayantani T 3.0
CSER GU4482 LEC Indigenous Peoples: Movements Stamatopoulou, Elsa 3.0
CSER UN3928 SEM Colonization/Decolonization Ahmed, Manan 4.0
CSER UN3940 SEM Comparative Study of Constitutional Challenges Affecting African, Latino, and Asian American Communities Ouyang, Elizabeth 4.0
EDPS TC4024 SEM Social Stratification and Education Kim, J 3.0
HRTS BC3851 SEM Human Rights and Public Health: Advanced Seminar Brown, Alice 4.0
HRTS GU4270 SEM Social Media and Human Rights Perlmutter, Ted 3.0
HRTS GU4360 SEM Menstruation, Gender, and Rights Winkler, Inga 3.0
HRTS GU4380 SEM Advocating and Campaigning for Social and Economic Rights Rosenthal, Mila 3.0
HRTS GU4600 SEM Human Rights in the Anthropocene Chasin, Noah 3.0
HRTS GU4810 SEM Religion and Human Rights Chuman, Joseph 3.0
HRTS GU4880 SEM Human Rights in the United States Nettelfield, Lara 3.0
HRTS GU4930 SEM Int'l Humanitarian Law and Human Rights Cronin, Bruce 4.0
HRTS UN3001 LEC Introduction to Human Rights Nathan, Andrew 3.0
HRTS UN3190 SEM International Human Rights Law Kempner, Dinah 3.0
HRTS UN3995 SEM Human Rights Senior SeminarÊ Rosenblum, Peter 4.0
HRTS UN3996 SEM Human Rights Thesis Seminar Winkler, Inga T 3.0
INAF U4420 LEC Oil, Rights, Development Radon, Jenik 1.0
ITSF TC4603 LEC Human/Social Dimensions of Peace Tibbitts, Felisa 3.0
MDES GU4349 LEC War, Internment, and Incarceration Mouradian, Khatchig 3.0
MDES GU4357 LEC War, Genocide, and Their Aftermath: Comp. Perspectives Mouradian, Khatchig 3.0
PHIL UN3751 LEC Political Philosophy Honneth, Axel 3.0
POLS BC3254 LEC First Amendment Values Franzese, Paula 3.0
POLS BC3601 SEM International Law and UN in Practice Flaherty, Martin 4.0
POLS UN3921 SEM American Politics Seminar: Equality and the Law Amdur, Robert 4.0
RELI BC3672 SEM Religion and Human Rights Vasko, Timothy 4.0
SOCI BC3214 LEC Sociology of African American Life Moore, Mignon R 3.0
SOCI BC3931 SEM Social Justice and Human Rights Seminar Brown, Alice 3.0
SOCI UN3937 SEM Sociology of Human Rights McGunnigle-Gonzales, Rosemary 4.0
SOCI UN3960 SEM Problems of Law and Society - Law, Science & Society Cole, Jonathan 4.0
WMST GU4303 SEM Gender, Globalization, Empire Moradian, Manijeh 4.0
WMST UN3915 SEM Gender and Power in Global Perspective Makana, Selina 3.0
WMST V3312 SEM Theorizing Women's Activism Springer, Kimberly 4.0