Graduates of our program pursue varied career paths. Our graduates have worked with a wide range of foundations, research and advocacy organizations, and government and inter-governmental agencies both domestically and internationally. A few examples are listed below. Graduates have gone on to enroll in PhD or JD programs after completing the program. 

Alumni Resources

Alumni are encouraged to visit the GSAS Alumni Resources page for information about alumni benefits, events, and career and research resources.

ISHR maintains a mailing list to share news, opportunities, and major ISHR announcements with graduates of the program. Alumni wishing to also receive information about upcoming human rights events, are encouraged to subscribe to our newsletter or visit our events page.

Graduates are encouraged to join the HRSMA Alumni LinkedIn group to stay connected with former classmates and connect with other graduates of the program. The GSAS Alumni Office also maintains a LinkedIn group.

Below are just a few of the renowned organizations with whom our alumni have gone on to work.