Student Highlights and Testimonials

Students and alumni share their experience in the Human Rights Studies M.A. Program
In your time in this program, at Columbia, and in New York City, you are going to read some of the most profound, life-changing materials of your academic career, learn from some of the greatest scholars in the entire world, and converse with and befriend some of the most inspirational and ambitious human rights advocates (your peers) in the country. Studying and advocating for human rights is one of the greatest privileges in the world. Enjoy it! Brittney Bringuez, HRSMA '21
I love the focus of the program, the opportunity to take courses from so many disciplines across the university, the diversity and relevant experiences of both the students and the faculty, the kindness and concern of the faculty for their students, and the location of Columbia in New York City with all of its opportunities for internships and future careers in the field of international human rights. - Shabnam Fayyaz, HRSMA Student and ISHR recipient of Columbia University’s Scholarship for Displaced Scholars
Though it sounds cliche, it has been an honor and privilege to research and grow alongside so many like-minded students and motivated faculty. Our conversations both in and outside of the classroom will remain amongst the most memorable parts of my academic career. - Candice Crutchfield, HRSMA '20
Taking a huge leap by returning to school after several decades, I am so thankful for the supportive academic environment that I received at Columbia through the Institute for the Study of Human Rights. I relished every reading, lecture and assignment. I loved being a student, expanding my knowledge base and learning the human rights vocabulary. Importantly, I felt that the classroom environment was a safe space to ask provoking questions, stemming from my own views of the world. - Dana Post Adler, HRSMA '20
I’ve always spoken up about issues that matter to me and I’ve always liked academia, but this program really optimized and heightened this part of my identity.  This program gave me an academic foundation for my opinions. It made me more confident in my voice.  - Barbara Matias, HRSMA '18

Justin Jalea, HRSMA '15